Time flows

Time flows from 6:17 to 6:18
Time flows from 6:17 to 6:18

Time flows. Minute by minute. Drop by drop. The designer clock Drop-A-Min visualizes this in a particularly elegant way. Not recognizable as a clock at first glance, it quickly reveals its elegance and simplicity.

The minutes are arranged vertically one above the other in a curved band of 59 white LEDs in a minimalist housing. The hours lie on the central axis of the sine and shine in red.

At every full minute, the LEDs light up one after the other for a brief moment from top to bottom, making it appear as if this minute is dripping down. It comes to rest on the last LED and the band is filled with further minutes until the hour. After every minute, the display is still until the next minute begins.

The arrangement is chosen so that the edges of the sine are ten minutes apart. By counting these maxima, you can quickly determine the time, even if many minutes are already lit.

Time flows from 12:59 to 01:00
Time flows from 12:59 to 01:00

When the hour is over, the minutes flow down and make room for a new hour. A new hour then falls down as a red drop and fills up the hours.

The minimalist design teaches a new way of reading the clock. For a new look at your time.

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Time Flow

Time Flow

Drop-A-Min can be operated in different color modes. In the "Time Flow" mode, the hours are displayed in the complementary color of the minutes. The color cycle is run through in 1440 steps within 24 hours - this gives each time of the day its own color climate.



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