Serie 21

The new version “21” of Drop-A-Min offers an even more elegant housing and does not require a separate control unit, because the electronics are integrated into the display panel. The front of the body is made of glossy black acrylic glass in which the LEDs are embedded. In front of the acrylic glass there is real glass. As a result, the surface is insensitive to scratches and can be cleaned very easily.

Drop-A-Min Model DAM-21-CR
Frame shiny silver (Order-ID: DAM-21-CR)
Drop-A-Min Model DAM-21-EX
Frame matt silver (Order-ID: DAM-21-EX)
Drop-A-Min Model DAM-21-SW
Frame black (Order-ID: DAM-21-SW)


The body and the front glass are held in place by a 8mm wide and 36mm deep aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is available in shiny silver, matt silver and black.

Detailansicht Rahmen silber glänzend (chrom)
Frame shiny silver
Detailansicht Rahmen silber matt
Frame matt silver
Detailansicht Rahmen schwarz
Frame black


  • Dimensions of the display field: 83mm x 683mm x 26mm
  • Switches on the rear to set  brightness and time as well as to select the color mode
  • Brightness dimmable in 10 levels
  • Supports three color modes
    • “Standard”: minutes white, hours red
    • “TimeFlow”: The hours are displayed in the complementary color of the minutes. The color cycle is run through in 1440 steps within 24 hours – this gives each time of the day its own color climate.
    • “Custom”: Choose your individual color combination of colors for minutes and hours when placing your order and we will deliver your personal copy of the Drop-A-Min
  • Power supply via supplied USB power adapter (110V-220V)
  • Connection cable and mounting kit included in delivery
  • Manufactured in Germany

Individual Requests

Each Drop-A-Min is handmade – so individual requests are not a problem. Another color of the front, for example. Or an individual size. Talk to us and feel free to contact us at